Thank you for the geat information you provide on you website. I am reading your posts on a daily basis.

Chris Bareth NY, USA
The free program you recommended to me helped me to lose 10 pounds since I have started. The motivation is everything.

Rita from Denmark


The Biggest Misconception About Weight Loss Programs

Nowadays there are zillions of sources of free information about weight loss programs and products - free articles, e-books, reports and publications, blog posts, comments and online forums. Most of the authors and webmasters are just wasting your time making you read their free stuff that actually promotes commercial product for which you need to pay in order to use them.

Considering this it looks like you need to pay for a diet plan or weight loss program that offers some sort of diet pills, diet menu and/or exercises. Once you receive what you’ve paid for – losing the excess weight and getting healthy everyday are the easiest things on Earth. And that is 100% Guaranteed!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, unfortunately it is not true. It is true that achieving your goal weight is not that hard, but you can do it by simply by cutting down on your food intake.

Believe it or not, if you decrease your daily calorie intake by 30%, you can lose up to 4 pounds each week? Unbelievable as it may sound, but it can be easily achieved if you cut on your carbohydrates intake - stop eating chocolate, cookies and candies between meals, and limit your meals to one normal portion 3 times a day.

I am not saying that you should not follow a personally customized diet meal plan, combined with natural dietary supplements. It is always better to have a daily plan, this way it will be easier for you to control the reduced amount of calories you take daily.

Once again let’s think about what do commercial weight loss programs have to offer:

Commercial Weight Loss Programs

All they have to offer you is an eating regime of about 1200 -1500 calories a day and/or to cut all high carbohydrates and fat foods from your menu.

Once you start counting the calories soon you realize that you need to forget all your favorite meals. You’ll need to eat only tasteless foods and that continues like forever for you. You have to be strong otherwise you will be caught by despair.

If you got caught by desperation you will probably ask the question: "Are there any secrets for faster and easier weight loss?"

If you google for this question you will find many answers like: "Ultimate weight loss secrets revealed in this book!" or "Fast weight loss secrets – lose 20 pounds for 2 weeks!".

Hmm, what are those secrets? How are these secrets protected and who and how has revealed them? And if they were real secrets, would they stay hidden for so long time that they are revealed just now?

No, there are no secrets. The only “secret” is to have strong motivation, perseverance and desire to make the effort.

Why Choosing A Diet Plan Combined With Natural Supplements is better?

How do you prefer to go to your place - by a sports car or by a bus?

What I mean is following an effective diet plan, combined with natural dietary supplements, is like driving a sports car on a first class road - easier, faster and costs you a lot of bucks out of your pocket, but it works. It’s your decision!

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