Thank you for the geat information you provide on you website. I am reading your posts on a daily basis.

Chris Bareth NY, USA
The free program you recommended to me helped me to lose 10 pounds since I have started. The motivation is everything.

Rita from Denmark


Lose Weight with a Healthy 1500-calorie Diet Plan

Do you find it difficult to find a diet plan with 1500 calories? This seems to be quite a challenge because the most popular diet plans are with 1200, 1600, 1800 or 2000 calories. It is not easy to find a 1500-calorie diet plan that is effective and healthy at the same time. There are plenty of weight loss systems that all stick to the limit of 1500 calories per day, but they don’t really work.

The good diet plan would not just fit within the limit of 1500 calories, but will also provide you the opportunity to choose between various meals and will help you maintain your healthy condition.

A perfect 1500-calorie diet is a weight loss system called “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”. Below you will find an exemplary diet plan, including various meals that are very useful for weight loss.

1500-Calorie Diet Plan – Exemplary Meals and Menus

1st Meal

One and a half cups of shredded wheat cereal
One and a half cups of skim milk
One half cup of strawberries

2nd Meal

Scrambles eggs, including four egg whites and one while egg
One half of a large grapefruit

3rd Meal

Half a cup of brown rice
110 g of grilled chicken breast
180 g of beans

4th Meal
150 g of salmon
A cup of broccoli
150 g of yams

5th Meal

110 g of grilled chicken breast
Three tablespoons of light Italian dressing
Two cups of green salad

* * *

The amount of calories per day is approximately 1500. This menu consists of 50% carbohydrates, 35% proteins and 15% fats. Keep in mind that it is important to burn more calories than you consume. Thus, if you take in 1500 calories but burn just 1200 of them, you will not lose weight but on the contrary – you will gain more kilograms. The 1500-calorie diet usually is more effective than a plan with 2000-2500 calories, which is the average amount of calories we consume every day when we don’t follow a particular diet program.

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