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The Best Meal Plan For Your Diet Personality

Eating less than 3 healthy meals a day is not healthy and if you do care about your body you should consider serious change in your eating habits. Because snacking all day or eating junk food, plus skipping your 1 hour exercise is a lifestyle that definitely needs to change...

The negative effects of such unhealthy eating could vary from bad digestion to serious overweight and health problems. We strongly recommend you to read the following 3 eating plans and select the one you think is easier to follow and closer to the healthier you.

Plan 1

Start your day with a healthy breakfast, kiss your kids and go to work. Don't snack before lunch-time. You might think: "Great, lunch is my first meal for the day, so that’s easy" So far so good, but just think how many times you snack after lunch? Having a solid breakfast in the morning will help you fight with the cravings for snack like candies and cookies between lunch and dinner.

At dinner eat only healthy meal low in calories and take your partner for a walk or take the kids to the park for a play. Enjoy yourself and have fun with the family, forget all about food. Go to bed early, so you can't get hungry again for the rest of the evening. This way you will have a good night sleep and will feel full of energy when you wake up in the next morning.

Plan 2

The second plan is for people like me and my most of my friends - you just don't have time for breakfast or just don’t feel like eating at all so early in the morning. You know, in order to have a breakfast some of you need to wake up at 6 am instead of having an extra half an hour to a whole hour for sleeping before going to work. Just have your morning cup of coffee or juice and rush for work. I know that’s not healthy but that’s the way each morning starts for most or my friends and me – that’s the real life.

If you too share this common lack of time for breakfast in the morning then what you have to do is have one big and solid lunch, still healthy and rich in foods with fiber and low in fats. Having this lunch doesn’t mean you should skip dinner. It would be bad for your body to eat only once a day healthily and snack for the rest of the day. It will be great if you eat one small meal about 2-3 hours after lunch. NO sweets of any kind. Try to stick only to low calories foods or preferably fruits.

In the evening when you are back at home make sure that at least 4 hours are passed after your light afternoon meal (fruit) before eat your dinner. It is very important that your diner is light or you will put on extra weight – low in calories and easy to digest dinner is OK. That means you can’t mix meat and potatoes/rice for example. Small portion of lean meat with veggies is great, but if you prefer don’t eat meat in the evening at all. After dinner go for a walk or do something fun, but stay away from food for the rest of the evening.

Plan 3

Plan 3 is for very busy persons. For those of you who don’t have time to eat breakfast of lunch because of your busy schedule. Each business day you barely have time to grab 2 burgers and a salad from the nearest fast food restaurant. In the evening you overeat at dinner because you are as hungry as you haven’t eaten for months.

As a result you calorie intake is greater in the evening jus t before bed and you don’t have time to burn any of those calories, so you end up putting unwanted weight. If this scenario looks bad for you, I assure you it could get worse if you get not only weight, but serious health problems too!

The solution: It is simple – all you need to do is get up a little earlier to make yourself a home cooked breakfast that is low in calories and go to work. When you feel hungry throughout the day just eat your breakfast. For an afternoon snuck you can have a salad or juice.

Eat light dinner. Even if your wife has prepared your favorite meal don’t overeat. You can get a ready-to-cook dinner from the supermarket, but don’t forget to count the calories for your dinner – the fewer the better. Dinner is your final meal for the day, after that stay away from the kitchen.

In conclusion...

As I said earlier choose the plan that fits you best or the one that you can fit into. The most difficult thing to do in all these plans is to stay away from snacks between your main meals. More details and interesting information about different meal plans you can find at Diet Hour.

Remember: One of the keys to success is to get yourself down to work twice as hard, and whatever you do: do not think about how hungry you are or how much time you have until next meal.

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